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Do I Have to Work? What if . . .

IMG_0021Yes. Working is part of the way we all participate in the life of the cooperative. It’s something to embrace, a chance to connect with friends who share your shift, and a way to meet, greet and get to know  other members of the Coop. It’s fun! It is also an important way we keep food prices low.

When we launch, we will each work two 2 3/4 hour shifts every four weeks. As we grow, we will each have to work less.

There are three ways to fulfill your work requirement.

1. Work a regular shift, two shifts every month

2. Work a flex shift, four shifts every two months – work when you’re available and there are available work slots

3. Hire someone from our list to work your shift

We encourage you to work a regular shift if you’re able as it makes it a lot easier to stock shelves, receive inventory, cut cheese, bag spices, and checkout shoppers. You can always trade shifts or hire someone to work for you if you can’t make it. But remember, the Coop counts on you to work your shift. If you miss a shift, you’ll have to make up two!

There are also three ways to join:

1. Become a regular member

2. Join as a 12X Shop, that is work two shifts and shop 12 times = a great option if you live in Albuquerque, counties North or South of Santa Fe,, or Taos, or if you spend two or three months a year here

3. Join as a regular member with the option to take up to a 6 month leave each year – good for snowbirds and people with second homes

We welcome all! Everyone who wants to join will be able to join. We invite those with disabilities and those who are unable to pay the membership pledge or annual fee, along with those who have special circumstances, to please email or call us. We’ll work out a way for you to join.