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We are forming work groups to help create and manage the coop. You do not have to join a work group, and you are welcome to do so if you have a particular interest or skill that you would like to contribute. Recommendations, including those on branding, communication materials, health programs, recruitment tools and candidates, and food purveyors, need to be reviewed with the Board of Directors before they are finalized and distributed.

Please feel free to suggest others! Email us at

We encourage you to join a work group and participate! Email or post on our web site,



Help us meet our target – 400 members by December 31. Identify and reach out to Santa Fe’s many diverse demographic groups —  seniors, singles, gardeners/homesteaders, Hispanics, Native Americans, new comers, families/single parents,  modest income — to recruit new members and ensure that the Coop is inclusive. Ways to do this may include:

  • tabling and walking around
  • hosting events (membership and capital raise)
  • distributing postcards through health providers, yoga & pilates studios, juice bars, and other small businesses and non-profits with interests similar to the coop’s
  • growing our mailing list by partnering with other like-minded organizations
  • networking with churches and hospitals to distribute information
  • running email campaigns
  • social networking

Leaders: Jane Schwartz

Contributors:  Sue Bresslauer, Daniel Fiverson, Susan Walker, Sherie Land, Rebekah Henerty, Deborah Madison, Gershon Siegel, Greg & Melissa Hawkins

Local Food/Food Research

Identify local food farmers and gardeners from which we can source healthy, tasty, local food. Research local health and safety regulations and develop coop guidelines that make sure we are in conformity with them. Develop food and vitamin purchasing guidelines and a process that will ensure what we purchase conforms to our standards.

Leader:  Lisa Styles

Contributors:  Richelle Elder, Deborah Madison


Develop wellness/nutritional programs for the coop. These may include cooking classes, lectures, and informational notices. Network with local traditional and alternative health providers to help design and deliver these programs.

Contributors:  Jessie Emerson, RN, Certified Clinical Herbalist; Jane Steinberg, Jane Steinberg, MPH, PCRM Certified Food For Life Instructor

Marketing Communications

Develop materials and target individuals and households, small businesses, non-profits, and other organizations with interests similar to ours. Work with the Membership group to grow membership.

Contributors:  George Cappanelli, David Langer

Capital Raise

Identify and develop ways to approach individuals and local businesses and organizations who might be willing to make a loan to the coop. Our goals are:

Contributors:  Mackenzie Allen, auctioneer

Food & Health Equity, a 501(c)3 Foundation

Create a 501(c)3 to provide charitable services to further food and health equity in Santa Fe and its outlying communities. Define a mission that includes community’s role in food & health equity, seek other non-profit organizations with which to partner, and file for federal tax exemption. This is a significant undertaking, and an important goal of organization.

Leader:  Kate Rowe, PhD, Public Health

Contributors:  Lin Renner

Hiring  Develop job descriptions and utilize the most effective search tools to help the coop recruit the best possible management.

REVIEW PROCESS  All recommendations, including those on by-laws, branding & communications, wellness programs, recruitment tools and candidates, and food purveyors, need to be reviewed with the Board of Directors.

HOW TO SIGN UP FOR A WORK GROUP  Email or post on our web site. We invite you to use our blog to provide feedback and information to the work groups and to the community at large.


To sign up for a workgroup, email, or post below. We invite you to use our blog to provide suggestions and offer information to our work groups.


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