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It is the Coop’s intention that when fully operational, members will work less than three hours every four weeks. During the Co-op’s start-up period, members will need to work two 2.75 hour work shifts every four weeks. You can work your shift, then shop. We expect some changes in work slots after we get more experience with our work requirements.

 There are three ways to fulfill your work requirements:

1.  Regular Work Shift – one 2.75 hour work shift every two weeks in a specific job slot; you work the same job on the same work day every two weeks
2.  Flex Work Shift – four 2.75 work shifts every eight weeks; you will come to the coop to work and, if there is an opening, you can fill it
3.  Hire a Worker – hire a high school student or unemployed person to work your shift; we will have a list of people who are trained and want to work

Those who meet out low-income criteria will be able to work extra shifts in lieu of membership fees and loan. Exceptions will be made for those with disabilities.

Download the Work Shifts form to sign up.

If you cannot work your regularly scheduled shift:

1.  You can arrange to trade shifts with another member. You must both be trained for the job slot you are filling. It’s easiest to trade with someone who does the same type of work you do. Lists of members with their contact numbers will be available.
2.  You should call your shift supervisor to let them know you will not be working and let them know who will cover your shift.
3.  You can hire someone to work the shift for you. The person you hire must be able to handle your work assignment.
4.  If you miss your shift, you must work two shifts. You must make up the shift within a month or you will be suspended from shopping until you do so.
5.  You may suspend your active membership once a year, for up to six months, if you are out of town. You will not be required to work your shifts during this period.


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