santa fe community coop

ethical food


If you want to sign up now, click here!

It’s easy to join. All adults over 21 in a household must become Members. The $25 Membership Fee will be waived for 400 Founding Members.

1.  $100 one-time Membership Pledge for each Member.

2.  $25 annual Membership Fee for each Member. The first year’s Membership Fee will be waived for 400 Founding Members.

2.  Two 2 3/4 hour work shifts every four weeks. There are three ways to fulfill your work responsibilities. They are described below. Some types of work require training, which the coop will provide.

3.  Sign Up. Click here to join. You can pay with Visa/MC, PayPal or check; make a full payment or pay in monthly or quarterly installments.

To shop at Santa Fe Community Coop, you must be a Member. All are welcome to join! Special memberships are available for those who meet our low-income criteria and for those with disabilities.

You may wish to read the following before signing up. Both sections are included under MEMBERSHIP.

Fees & Loans

Work Shifts


4 thoughts on “SIGN UP

  1. How do we sign up for membership on line. There doesn’t seem to be a way from this site.

    • Hi Sue, Glad you’re joining, and I’m sorry you’re having a problem. I’m just updating the post, so that may be the problem. Click “SIGN UP” on the top post and you should be directed to If not, copy and paste the url into your navigation bar, and you’ll be taken there. Let me know if you continue to have problems. Thank you for joining! BJ

  2. I think it’s great that you want to bridge the affluent and not so affluent people of Santa Fe and I like the idea of what you are creating very much. However, how easy do you suppose it will be for those of lower incomes to pay $100 for something that doesn’t even really exist yet? I think it would be great for people who are interested to be able to contribute whatever smaller amount they can, even if it’s just $5, and then once you’re up and running they could pay the $25 yearly membership.

    • Yes Lisa, we agree. We’re planning to raise money through our food & equity arm and subsidize their membership and pledges, and in the beginning, subsidize their food purchases until our prices are affordable for everyone. We are developing a low income criteria and will keep your suggestion in mind. Everyone will be able to join. In the meantime, we encourage you to join!

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