santa fe community coop

ethical food



 $10,000 in Seed Money

To cover development costs until we start our build-out. The money will be used for attorney, graphic design; architecture, electrical, and mechanical design fees; and incidental office expenses. We will raise this money through crowd sourcing.

$600,0000 for our Capital Raise

For build-out, start-up inventory, and working capital. This will be funded by member loans to the cooperative with a return to investors of 6% interest only year 1,  then repaid as a 7 year term loan.

Make a Loan!

Earn a good return while you make a contribution to our community. Please email if you are thinking about a loan. We will be happy to review our business plan with interested invesWe will issue you a promissory note and deposit your funds into an interest bearing escrow account. No monies will be spent until we have 400 members, bank financing is secured, and we have completed our lease negotiations.


Seed Money               $1,000

Capital Raise             $32,000


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