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The Community Coop is a consumer cooperative that believes that everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of high quality, nutritious food. An engaged and empowering community, the Coop encourages the adoption of healthy diets and seeks to serve the entire community by linking people, markets, farmers, artisans and investors and increasing access to fresh, local food. It offers its members the opportunity to participate through work shifts, work groups, and General Meetings. It is different from other coops, markets, and CSA’s in cost of food, breadth of product, and hours of operation.

The coop will be an everyday, 12,000 square foot grocery store that stocks and sells all categories of food. We will also carry health supplements, flowers, and beauty products. We will have a commercial kitchen. Family-friendly, it will have childcare, desks for homework, healthy snacks, and a playroom.

Because all members actively participate in running the cooperative during regularly scheduled work shifts, there are significantly less staffing expenses for receiving, inventory management, packaging, shelf stocking, checkout, and cleaning. The money saved on staffing reduces the price of food. Our small foot print saves money on occupancy.

Consistent with our commitment to ecological stewardship, the Coop offers  significant efficiencies in energy, water, packaging, and transportation.

The cooperative has a robust business model and will be financially self-sustaining.


5 thoughts on “HOW IS IT DIFFERENT?

  1. Park Slope, Brooklyn: nearly 400,000 people within a 3-mile radius. Santa Fe: best for any location would be around 45,000 within a 3-mile radius, the rule of thumb for how far people go to shop for their groceries. I don’t think the numbers pan out to emulate the PSFC, as much as I would like to see a co-op where members actually are allowed to volunteer flourish here.

    • So glad you brought this up. Actually, Park Slope, including neighboring Gowanus, is a community of 73,595 as of the 2012 census. And most people there do not travel three miles to shop since many don’t have cars, groceries are heavy, and there’s only very limited curb side parking. The coop actually has “walkers”, who walk people and their shopping carts to their cars and homes. There are some people who travel from as far as Harlem, even New Jersey, to shop there, because it’s so great. You should also know that the Los Alamos Food Cooperative, in a county of 18.2 thousand, has 1,800 members after being open only two years. Of course, demographics differ from place to place as do the shopping options.

  2. Update from Park Slope. Their last demographic study showed that their members live within a mile-and-a-half radius of the store. Remember, this is Brooklyn, an urban area where many people don’t have cars! Wonderful to be here and see the ethnic and racial diversity of their shoppers. Also, shoppers of all ages. A highlight . . . they have fantastic baby products!

    They are doing a new GPS study, so hopefully, we will soon have more insight into the demographics of their current member shoppers.

    • What are your demographic studies for Santa Fe? I still don’t see how a store that is the dominant natural food choice in a densely populated urban setting (Park Slope Food Co-op) can be replicated in a small city that already has a food co-op and three other thriving natural food stores.

      • Hi Sean,

        I am pleased that you are questioning our business model. At the heart of our model is high quality, affordable food for everyone.

        I would be happy to talk by phone or in person. Please feel free to call me at 466-2665 or cell 917 783-1964.

        We are drafting an Offering Memorandum, and we have developed Business Plan with an Executive Summary. The Coop only provides business plans to Members who are interested investors whom we have met in person.

        BJ | Santa Fe Community Coop on Facebook | 505.466.2665 | 917.783.1964 mobile

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