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Q:      What is the Santa Fe Community Coop?

A:     A new grocery store that bridges the North and South sides, bringing high quality affordable food to everyone; a grocery store where your voice will be heard.

The Coop will offer one-stop-shopping for healthy, nutritious food; mostly organic and non-GMO, local whenever possible. 

It will be home to a rich and progressive culture where Santa Feans actively participate in improving their own lives and lives of others. 

Built on a solid ecological model, the backbone of the coop is an energy efficient system that optimizes thermal outputs, recycles grey water, deploys solar energy, and uses healthy, high-yield agricultural technologies.

Q:      There are a lot of grocery stores in Santa Fe. Why do you think we need another one?

A:     The Santa Fe Community Coop is as much about community as it is about food. The Coop will have a cozy eating area, a community room, culturally attuned nutritional programs, cooking classes, child-care and desks for homework, home-made stocks and sauces, and more.

Importantly, our food will be affordable, so everyone in the community can enjoy the benefits of high quality, nutritious food.

Q:      Why do you think the cooperative will be successful?

A:     We are following in the footsteps of the most successful food coop in the country, the Park Slope Food Coop in Brooklyn. With $48 million in sales and 16,000 active members, it is one of the top five independent grocery stores in the country.

While most natural food stores charge a mark-up of 65% or more, the PSFC charges a mark-up of only 21%, saving shoppers 20% to 40% a year, between $2,400 to $4,800 a year for a family of four. At the outset, the Santa Fe Community Coop’s mark-up will be 29%.  We hope to reduce this over time.

Mostly organic, the PSFC stocks 85% organic compared to Whole Foods’ 26%.

With the cost of food rising 4% to 7% a year, healthy, affordable food is rapidly disappearing from the commercial marketplace. The Santa Fe Community Coop fills this gap.

Q:      How is it different from La Montanita?

A:     Just as there is more than one grocery store in Santa Fe, there can be more than one cooperative. A second coop will expand local options for high quality, healthy, affordable food.

The Santa Fe Community Coop is a uniquely member-driven organization. Only members can shop; everyone is welcome to join. Members participate actively in the coop’s ownership, operations and governance. We have special membership options for those with low incomes or disabilities.

Q:      Why should I join?

A:     If you want to enjoy fresh, high quality food and vibrant community, we’re the grocery store for you. We welcome all, multi-generation New Mexicans and newcomers . . . singles, families and seniors.

Q:      What does it cost to join?

A:       Every Member will pay an annual $25 Membership Fee, make a one-time $100 Pledge, and be required to fulfill the Coop’s work requirement, currently two 2 3/4 shifts every four weeks. All adults over 21 in your household must be Members.

The Coop also has an out-of-town membership that allows folks who do not live in Santa Fe year-round to shop 12 times a year. It has the same Membership Fee and Pledge requirements; however, you will only be asked to work two shifts.

Q:     How do I join?

A:     Click here!

You can pay your $100 per Member pledge with Visa/MC or PayPal or you can send  a check. Pay the full amount or sign-up for monthly or quarterly installments.

If you are one of 400 Founding Members, the Coop will waive your first year’s $25 Membership Fee.

Q:     When will it open?

A:     The Coop will open in early 2015.

Q:      Why should I join now?

A:     The Coop’s business plan demonstrates that 400 members are needed to ensure the right location, get bank financing and complete our build-out.

The Coop invites you to become a Founding Member. It will waive your first year’s $25 Membership Fee, and your name will be included on our special Founding Member wall. You will also have the pleasure of knowing that helped make this outstanding contribution to our community possible.

No membership contributions will be spent until the Coop has 400 members. If it does not have 400 members by December 31, 2013, all monies will be returned.

Q:      How do I get more information?

A:     If you have questions, email the Coop at The Coop also holds monthly Community Gatherings. Check for logistics by clicking COMMUNITY CALENDAR on our Home Page.

Q:      How can I participate?

A:     Help the Coop recruit members. You can find out more about the Coop and its recruiting process at Volunteer Gatherings. Check for dates and locations, coming soon, by clicking COMMUNITY CALENDAR.

The Coop invites you to join a work group. If you have special skills that you want to volunteer, please let us know! Right now, the we really need web design and programming skills and social media know-how. Marketing, financial and administrative skills are always welcome.   

If you like the Coop and what we’re doing, please tell your friends! “Follow” at, “Like” Santa Fe Community Coop on Facebook.


3 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. This is so exciting! I moved here from Albany, NY which has a very strong and active membership which I participated in for years. I definitely think there is a different vibe and stronger ties if there is a member worker model compared to La Mantainita’s. I am curious though, as I worked at the coop here when I first moved and was told that it was because of some NM laws that member workers were not allowed. Is this not an issue? thanks!

  2. Hi Juli. I’m so glad you’re excited, we are too! The NM Department of Labor had an issue because “volunteers” were not being paid minimum wage. Workers at our Coop are neither volunteers nor employees, they are owner/members. We do not hire or fire them, they are not dependent on us for their livelihood, and they choose the shifts they want to work. They meet none of the commonly accepted criteria for employees. Thanks for asking.

    Please join us on June 25 the Commons, or sign up on our web site. If you do not want to mail in your subscription agreement and send us a check, an online form with an online payment option is coming soon. Cooperatively yours, BJ

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