santa fe community coop

ethical food


Benefits for Members with Modest Incomes

  1. Increased Access to Affordable, Nutritious Food
  2. Lower Costs, increasingly affordable prices as the Coop grows
  3. Nutritional Programs, e.g. talks, cooking classes, healthy recipes
  4. Work Skills Training including part-time job opportunity
  5. Social Support Provided Through A Positive Community Environment
  6. Improved Accessibility through Partnerships with Local Groceries


  • Coop Membership Outreach Goals:

Year 1   10% of membership

Year 2    15%

Year 3    20%

  • Partnership with Local Groceries, e.g. refrigerated cases
  • Refrigerated Food Trucks

The Coop will seek a three-year grant with funding at 6 months, 12 months, 24 months and 36 months

Six Month Funding Requirement for 100 Members

  1. Outreach Coordinator- 15 hours/week @ $15/hour                         $5,850
  2. Membership Fee                                                                                   $1,250
  3. 50% of Pledge with Coop Match                                                          $5,000
  4. Healthy Food Subsidies – $50/month to EBT/SNAP Recipients        $30,000
  5. Technical Assistance, e.g. identifying partners, grant writing assistance, outreach to potential funders

Community Partners

  • La Familia Medical Center
  • Santa Fe Youthbuild

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