santa fe community coop

ethical food



Inspired by our vision, we are building a sustainable local food system that nourishes a vital and healthy community, honors our rich and diverse heritage, and empowers all members of the community through engagement and cooperation.

We link people, markets, farmers, artisans and investors everywhere in food systems that contribute to the well being of the whole community.

iStock_000012847724_ExtraSmallWe are committed to strengthening the social bonds of our community, providing economic stability and healthy returns to all of our stakeholders, and contributing to a conscious lifestyle that embraces environmental sustainability, restoring and conserving the fertility of our soil and other natural resources.


Driven by our social mission, we are guided by the principles of food & health equity, ecological stewardship, diversity, and democracy, the Santa Fe Community Coop delivers high quality, affordable food to our community through cooperative ownership, operations, and governance.


Our five year goals are to:

1.  Establish a sustainable community food cooperative in Santa Fe
2.  Establish a small farm with solar powered greenhouse
3.  Create a community composting facility for farms & gardens
4.  Establish satellite outlets in outlying communities


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