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Dreaming New Mexico Farm Facts

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image_largefarm facts

many thanks to Dreaming New Mexico, a bioneers collaborative project

• number of farms: 20,930, a growth of over 35% since 2002. the large increase is, in part, adding native amercan farmers to census. land in farms: 43.2 million acres (about 60% of State). about 87% of the farmland is range and pasture. number of acres in farms decreased by 4% since 2002.

•  average size of farm: 2,066 ac. median size: 40 ac.

• full owners: 15,850 (39% of all acres). Part owners and renters: 4,007 (54% of all acres). tenants: 1,073 (7% of all acres).total operators; 32,109.

• agriculture is primary occupation: 10,040 (48% of operators).

• farm is place of residence for operators (76%).

• operators who worked zero days on farm in past year (36%); who worked 200 or more days (35%).

• farmers younger than 35: 818. Percent of total farmers (4%). farmers above 60 years of age: 9,140 (45%).

• farms with less than $2,50 worth of sales: 10,496 or 50%.farms with over $100,000 in sales: 1,689 or 8%.

A central element of the Dreaming New Mexico project is to help build a far more self-reliant local food system including a community-based, restoration economy that:

  • Strengthens the vitality of the environmental and social fabric of the state and region
  • Builds local prosperity, creates good jobs and locally owned businesses
  • Places a central emphasis on providing food security while honoring vital cultural traditions and bio-cultural diversity

Lots more information about New Mexico foodsheds in this 50+ page pamphlet, DNMAgeofLocalFoodshedsandAFairTradeStateBooklet.pdf.


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